Your Privacy Is Our Priority

We’re committed to giving you a secure, private experience while you explore your genetic health. With DNA Mystery, you’re in control of deciding which traits you want to learn about, and whether your data is in our system. Here’s the ways we protect your data:

Your data is yours, and yours only. We won’t share your DNA data with any third-party without your explicit permission. We collect analytics data with Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Facebook to understand how people use our website and make it better. This information DOES NOT include any of your sensitive data.

You always have the option of deleting your data. If you delete your DNA, it is deleted from our servers forever (you will have to re-upload to run your report again). We don’t have any backups of your DNA file.

Your final trait risks are being calculated on your local computer. We do not calculate or save any of these risks to our servers.

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